"ŞAYAN MOULD PLASTIC " is a leading company in the sector with its 28-year-experience. It was founded by Mustafa Sayan as a sole proprietorship in 1980. Since its inception, providing customers with the best customer service available has been core objective. The company changed its legal name and  ŞAYAN MOULD PLASTIC INDUSTRY AND TRADE LIMITED COMPANY formed in 1997.

Our company, operates in mould and plastic sector, produces every kind  of plastic enjection moulds with latest technology CNC workstations, using CAD-CAM.

With the drawing models of creative ideas of our personel coupled with favorable computed aided drawing and design environment for mould, we establish the foundations of succesfull projects with the employees who are sensitive enough in material handling, precision and craftmanship.

With high quality craftmanship and customer satisfaction, our company has employed the principle of providing best quality service while  establishing a unique reputation in mould and plastic product markets

We began to manufacture plasic lids in our plant in 2000. Since then, we have been manufacturing a rich variety of lids and other plastic products for  ceramic, porcelain and food sectors as well as for domestic and foreign companies that procude products with plastic lids that are used in cosmetic industry.

In PRODUCT DESIGN Department of ŞAYAN MOULD, different and breathtaking  products  are designed that are in harmony with the dynamic business life, that are enjoyed by consumers, are functional, and  have aesthethic of our age. Carrying the industrial product design excitement to the new markets, a successfull and experienced designer crew who can facilitate 3-D design and drawing programs will design your product best.

Our Mission

Since the first days of its foundation, it has become our core principle to keep customer satisfaction above eveything and to work with maximum quality, accuracy and safety in mould and plastic production. 

Our Vision

In our plastic plant, we can manufacture  plastic lids in variety of dimensions for special requests of the companies that produce products with plastic lids in  ceramic, porcelain, glass and food sector as well as for the companies in cosmetic industry.

In our mould plant, we can manufacture every type of plastic enjection industry moulds to meet the orders of our customers.



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